Which Should You Choose?

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In this spread you can examine your options in a situation where you have a choice. You could be debating between two jobs, two mates, two living situations, or anything where you must choose A over B. Decide who or what is A or B before you select your cards.

For example, move to London is A, move to Paris is B. Or you could ask should I stay in the relationship with So-and-so or break up, stay being A, break up being B.

Get the answers to these questions:

  • What is really happening here
  • What will happen if I choose “A”?
  • What will happen if I choose “B”?
Which should I choose? - 3 Card
Frederick Sussan Nancy

Nancy Frederick is an internationally acclaimed psychic astrologer who has been consistently in print for over twenty-five years. She is the author of many books combining various aspects of metaphysics with romance. They are: Love and Sex Under the Stars, Tarot: Love is in the Cards; The Lover's Dream; Palmistry: All Lines Lead to Love; Love Games: Psychic Paths to Love, and Astro Tutor. In addition to being an astrologer, she is a master of the Tarot and uses the cards in her counseling work.

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